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Theatre Faculty

Our faculty members are listed in alphabetical order. Please click on any one to view contact information, biographical information, CV’s and more.

Theatre Faculty/Staff Forms and Resources

Administration and Staff

Kristin Sosnowsky
Executive Associate Dean

Karli Henderson
Associate Managing Director, Swine Palace and LSU Theatre


Patrick Acampora Associate Professor Technology and Facilities Manager

Patrick Acampora
Associate Professor (Technology); Facilities Manager

Stacey Cabaj, Assistant Professor of Voice

Stacey Cabaj
Assistant Professor of Voice: Associate Head, M.F.A. Acting

Joe Chrest, Adjunct, Film and Television

Joe Chrest
Adjunct (Film & Television)

John Michael Eddy
Professional in Residence – Props Master

Kenneth Ellis
Assistant Professor, Scenic Design

Nick Erickson
Associate Professor (Movement); Head, M.F.A. Acting

Femi Euba
Louise & Kenneth Kinney Professor (Black Drama and Playwriting)

John Fletcher
Head, PhD Program
Billy J. Harbin Associate Professor

Richard Holden
Associate Professor (Acting and Directing); Head, Undergraduate Performance

George Judy
Gresdna A. Doty Professor (Acting and Directing)

Kyla Kazuschyk, Assistant Professor of Costume Technology

Kyla Kazuschyk
Assistant Professor of Costume Technology

Vince LiCata
Adjunct Professor

Brandon R. McWilliams
Assistant Professor of Costume Design

James L. Murphy
Associate Professor (Technology); Production Manager; Head, M.F.A. Technology/Design

Shannon Marie O’Neill
Assistant Professor of Sound Design

Joshua Overbay, Assistant Professor of Film and Television

Joshua Overbay
Assistant Professor of Film and Television

Adam Parboosingh, Assistant Professor of Lighting Design

Adam Parboosingh
Assistant Professor of Lighting Design

Sandra Parks
Assistant Professor of Dance/Head of Dance

Susan Perlis
Instructor (Dance)

Alan Sikes
Assistant Professor (Literature, Theory, and Criticism)

Shannon Walsh
Assistant Professor of Theatre History

Chris Wood
Professional-In-Residence, Scenic Technologist/Shop Manager

Emeritus Faculty

F. Nels Anderson Professor Emeritus

F. Nels Anderson
Professor Emeritus

Gresdna A. Doty
Professor Emerita