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Film and Television Equipment Policy

LSU Theatre: Film and Television Equipment Policy

Updated Fall 2016

 General Policies:

* Equipment checkout is a PRIVILEGE. It is NOT a right. We have a large amount of professional grade film and video equipment. And we, as a community, take great pride in the quality of the work we produce with it. By checking out and using equipment, you are entering into agreement not just with the Equipment Office, but with the whole community of filmmakers and artists here at LSU.

*Equipment checkout is done on a tiered structure (see equipment request site) and is dependent upon the passing of practical knowledge/application tests to ensure that the student checking the equipment out knows the proper handling and safety precautions thereof.

* All equipment reservations must be made at least 5 DAYS in advance of desired checkout time. Students must access the reservation form online (link available soon).

* Monday through Thursday, equipment may be checked out for 24 hours. Equipment must be back to the office by 10:00am Friday morning. Weekend checkouts are also available from 2:00pm on Friday with equipment being returned NO LATER than 2:00pm on Monday. Longer weekend checkouts (for instance, over a holiday weekend) must be requested 2 WEEKS in advance. Equipment can be reserved or returned during the following days and times:

Checkout/Check-in Times for Fall 2016 semester:

Monday: 10:30am – 5:00pm

Tuesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Wednesday: 9:00am – 11:00am / 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

 Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm


Reservation Information: 

* Reservations are on a tiered first-come, first-served basis with priority being given to those students currently enrolled in production classes. To make a reservation, students (and faculty/staff) must access the equipment reservation system here. In order to access the system, you must be connected to eduroam or if off campus, connected via LSU’s VPN (instructions for how to connect here).  his form will require you to mark desired equipment, along with preferred checkout date/time and check-in date/time. If the request is approved, you will receive an email confirming your checkout date and time. If the request is denied, you will receive an email explaining why.

* Upon approval of request, the Equipment Office staff member will scan the barcodes of all the equipment and collect it for you to test and take. You will be required to sign an agreement form accepting liability and responsibility for the equipment. By signing, the student assumes that full liability and responsibility.

* EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE ADDED TO YOUR RESERVATION UPON CHECKOUT. If you have forgotten equipment on your request form, you must find another solution. Any additional equipment requests require an additional 5 day reservation and approval process.

* Equipment reservations will not be approved unless the student has passed the appropriate equipment usage and safety tests and the request is for the pertinent equipment tier (on the request website). LSU faculty and staff members must adhere to the same equipment policies and procedures as students.


Checkout and Check-in:

* Checkout and Check-in dates and times must be strictly followed. This is because there will most likely be others who need to use the equipment before and after you. Individuals who are 30 minutes late for their scheduled checkout time will lose their reservation spot, NO EXCEPTIONS. Individuals who are more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled check-in time will lose their equipment checkout privileges for the remainder of the semester.

* You take full responsibility for the equipment upon checkout. If an item is broken or lost, as determined by the Equipment Office staff, it is your responsibility to pay for the cost of the replacement or repair. This cost will be charged to your LSU account via fee bill. In addition, you will immediately lose all equipment check-out privileges for the remainder of the semester.

* Checkout: Upon arrival, It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect and test the equipment you are going to take. Inform the Equipment Office staff immediately if anything is missing or broken before you complete the checkout process. You must verify that the equipment works and note any problems that you find. BY SIGNING THE CHECKOUT AGREEMENT, YOU ARE ATTESTING TO THE PROPER WORKING ORDER OF ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT. If equipment is returned damaged or malfunctioning, you will be charged for the equipment via fee bill and you will lose your checkout privileges for the remainder of the semester. Because of the necessity of thoroughly checking all your equipment, Allot 30-60 minutes for the checkout process.

* Check-in: You must return equipment during your scheduled return appointment date/time, and in the same working order it was in when it was checked out. All cords must be properly wound, and all items must be neatly in their cases. The Equipment Office staff WILL NOT check in equipment that is not in proper order. You will be asked to repack the equipment before it is checked in.

*Do not attempt to return equipment outside of office hours

            *Do not attempt to contact Equipment Office Staff outside of office hours

            *Do not ask anyone to let you into equipment areas outside office hours

            *Do not leave equipment in the rain or allow water to touch any of                the equipment. Use water-repellant material as a means for protecting the gear

            *Do not treat equipment carelessly

            *Do not leave equipment unattended anywhere on or off campus

            *If you return the equipment broken or it goes missing while checked out to you, you will be                      charged for the missing/broken items via fee bill


***Do not give equipment checked out in your name to another student. While this might seem like a friendly thing to do, keep in mind that any liability resides COMPLETELY and SINGLY with the student whose name is on the checkout sheet. If you are caught checking out equipment for another student, you will immediately lose all checkout privileges for the remainder of the ACADEMIC YEAR.***  

* The Equipment Office staff is committed to serving students in a courteous and professional manner. Likewise, students are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with the Equipment Office. Unfortunately, a conflict sometimes occurs. It is our desire to resolve it in the best interests of all concerned.

* In the event of a conflict, students are expected to resolve it with the Equipment Office personnel and the supervising faculty member in a professional matter. Rude, bullying, or other inappropriate conduct is never acceptable, and will result in a loss of equipment checkout privileges for the remainder of the semester and may result in university conduct proceedings.

* If necessary, the faculty member may step in to resolve the conflict. Should further intervention be required, the conflict must be put in writing or electronic form, and submitted to the department chair for final resolution.